AEAC/SV: Coordinator beneficiary

AEAC/SV is a non-profit organization funded in 1995. It has about 1500 members, in majority farmers and technicians, but also scientists and public administration staff. AEAC/SV aims to deliver information to farmers, agricultural technicians and AC general society, as well as promoting development, teaching and research on any aspect related to the AC.

In the Spanish agriculture field, AEAC/SV is an organization acknowledged by the public administration, as well as farmers and companies. During its career, it has been characterised for investing on useful and profitable actions for the agricultural sector, as well as on respectful actions on the environment where more than 10000 farmers and technicians have participated. The technological development used on the internet has turned the web page into a reference on conservation agriculture in Spanish, with more than 15000 visits a year.

Contribution to the project: AEAC/SV will participate in the application of the next actions:1,2,3,4,5,9,10,14,15.

Contact information about the coordinator:
IFAPA Alameda del Obispo. Avda. Menéndez Pidal, s/n. Edificio 3 Olivicultura. 14004. Córdoba. España
+ 34 957422099
+ 34 957422168


IFAPA: Associated Beneficiary

IFAPA (Andalusia institute of Research and Agricultural, Fishing and Alimentary Formation and Ecological Production is a public organization integrated in the Agriculture and Fishing Ministry in the Andalucia government. It bases its creation on the will to give answer to the demand on the agricultural, fishing, aquiculture and alimentary sector in Andalucia.

IFAPA intends to be an agile and efficient instrument in its work, realistic and pragmatic in its performance programmes, and focused on promoting research, technological innovation and the education on the agricultural, fishing and alimentary industries.

Contribution to the project: IFAPA will participate in the application of the next actions: 6,7.

Logo UCO

UCO: Associated beneficiary.

Two centuries endorse the University of Cordoba’s career, which, funded en 1972, has its origins in the Free University that worked in the province at the end of the 19th century. Its youthfulness and average dimensions- UCO has 21000 students, more than 1200 teachers 700 workers- have provided it with the necessary dynamism to get adapted and begin the 21th century as high-teaching quality University and proved scientific realibility.

Both the research and teaching are thought in the University of Cordoba as the two big pillars of the institution, always with the same target: quality. To that goal is joint the starring role that UCO is playing in the development of the European Space for Higher Education. Teaching, research, quality and Europe are, therefore, are the principles nowadays in the University’s life.

As for the project, participants have an experience of more than 20 years in Conservation agriculture and are pioneers on the research on Precision agriculture, where the department’s research group AGR126 is the Spain’s No. 1 on this field.

Contribution to the project: UCO will participate in the application of the actions: 8.


ECAF: Associated beneficiary

European Conservation Agriculture Conservation (ECAF) is composed of fifteen national associations which promote conservation agriculture among European farmers, so as to improve ground’s conservation. With associate members in germany, Belgium, Denmark, Slovakia, spain, finland, france, Greece, hungary, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, united kingdom, Russia and Switzerland, ECAF represents the interests of the majority of European farmers.

ECAF was constituted in Brussels on 14 th January of 1999, as a non-profit organization, according to Belgian laws. It was started on the purpose to promote agricultural ground maintenance in its biodiversity in the context of sustainable agriculture. ECAF is not involved in any commercial product, team or trademark.

ECAF coordinated the project LIFE ENV99/E/308 and participated as a beneficiary in LIFE04 ENV/E/269. ECAF’s board of directors is composed of well-known members on Conservation Agriculture and has participated in several projects and impact activities on Conservation Agriculture, being frequently asked for advice by public organizations as the European Commission and FAO about sustainable agriculture and natural resources.

Contribution to the project: ECAF will participate in the application of actions: 13